You’ve got questions? I’ve got some answers – but for anything else, just hit me up on the contact page and I’ll get back to you!

What do I know about training

I love helping people and the physical and mental wellbeing that comes from training. Based on those passions I’ve helped stars from AFL, NBL, Rugby, Soccer, even Olympians and plenty of other sports – as well as 1000’s of everyday people like me and you reach and exceed their body and weight-loss goals. Check out my social media accounts to get some fun content and see what i get up to helping others. Links are are the bottom of this page.

What do I need to access the program?

All you need is your body that is soon to be Majic, and your phone (or a computer)! Should you not want to lug your old family computer down to the gym, you can record your progress on your phone or print off your daily plan too.

Do I need a gym membership to train?

Nope! Whether you prefer working out at gym, outside or from the comfort of your own home – I’ve got plans suitable for all of those.

What are the meal plans like?

Bloody tasty if I do say so myself! At the time of writing this, theres over 60 recipes on the go – and I’m adding more all the time! So wrap your laughing gear around that!

What level of fitness do I need to get started?

From just starting out to pro athlete superstar, I’ve got your back, lower back, legs, abs, chest- you get the drift.

What about cancellations?

My heart will break into a million pieces, but it’s ok – we’ll always be friends!

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